Writing Services

If you have dropped by looking for a wonderful writing service, then look no further!

Over the last twenty years our writing has appeared in ebooks, letters, magazines, manuals, newsletters, sales material, websites and even on a Christmas charity calendar! Our writing has also been translated into other languages as part of worldwide marketing campaigns.


Freelance Writing

Our freelance team are quick studies, enabling us to write about a variety of topics such as: caravans, CNC milling, construction, design, fashion, flowers, holiday homes and much more.


Ghost Writing

It is unusual for people to request for a ghost writing service, such as a series of blog posts or a newsletter to send out to clients. We have a chameleon approach, adapting the style and format to fit with the commission.


Copywriting isn’t for everyone!

Often we are the people that a business owner approaches, when they need someone to consistently produce content on the same subject each week and not let them down. We’ve accepted contracts where we’ve written hundreds of posts in a year, published them directly on a client site for a set price and with no micromanagement required.


We understand search engine optimisation.

I love good writing from yesteryear, but if content is going to be published online there has to be a clear understanding of SEO! Whether you are looking to pick up traffic for ‘low hanging fruit’ keywords or just trying to build a solid backlink campaign, we are often asked to provide the quality SEO content for the campaigns.


We can provide multiple writing services!

Once clients realise the quality of our work it often snowballs into being asked to produce other content for them. Within a year one client asked us to write for two websites, their newsletters, an ebook, had our material translated and then referred us to write the copy for a charity calendar.


Are we expensive?

No, but this is helped by not having set pricing as each assignment is usually different. All we ask is that when both parties agree to terms, they are adhered to, with no unnecessary micromanagement phone calls eating up time and our evenings and weekends are out of bounds.


Let us know about your content writing service requirement.