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We are passionate not just about website writing, but also passionate about the SEO research and how we present our work. This blog post covers just a handful of the many ways we add extra value to our freelance writer services.


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Via email

Often clients require the finished articles to be emailed in a variety of formats. When working as part of large teams it isn’t unusual to email the articles in HTML, MS Word and Adobe PDF formats all at the same time. Why three formats?

The HTML enables a website administrator to quickly post the articles without worrying about formatting and links. The MS Word documents enable a SEO guru the freedom spin the article or convert to video. The Adobe PDF can be uploaded to document sharing sites, but often as is the case for one client the preferred format for a translator, who then converts the web copy for other language markets.


Updating the client website directly

WordPress may be the popular kid on the block these days, but it isn’t the only CMS in town, and Joomla, Magento and a wide range of other content management systems are used across the world.

Often we publish the work directly to the website using the preferred cms of the client. Some clients have multiple content management systems utilised in their portfolios, which we don’t mind. We never forget to make sure the meta tag data is filled in and either schedule the posts or publish straight away.


Building link wheels

We regularly build link wheels for our clients. Our SEO knowledge enables us to not only write the search engine optimised content for the link wheels, but to then create the web 2.0 properties and build the wheels also, saving the clients a serious amount of time and effort.


Converting articles to video

Sometimes the clients want to get some extra SEO link juice, so they request we convert the articles to videos also. This isn’t a problem and for an additional low fee we can convert articles to video files, including providing a voice over, then upload directly to video sharing websites. Another great way to gain extra value from a well written website article.


Competition Research

Often we will work from a list of keywords our customers supply, but other times we are asked to perform our own keyword research, especially if regularly updating blogs directly for clients, else writing website SEO copy for a new website, else helping to turnaround an old site that isn’t performing.

Our keyword research can include not just finding popular keywords, but assessing the competition for those keywords. Will our clients be able to compete for those keywords today in the search engines, else in the future if their ranking rises? This often leads us to deploying a strategy that isn’t just focused on today, but tomorrow also, providing extra SEO value to clients.



We are not just great writers, but we go the extra distance to provide additional services to fit our clients needs, saving them time and providing great added value to our writing services.


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