Writing news articles and creating support pages for my clients

Not every website has a blog, some have news pages instead where I regularly write articles for my clients. I thought I would share with you today an example of one way I work with my clients.

A customer of mine had a stand at a business show in the UK last week and they emailed me a photo taken at the show, plus sent an adobe pdf document they had created. They asked that I write a new news article and also convert the pdf file to html for the website.

The news article

I had previously written a news article about the business attending the show, so I knew the details. Coupled with my knowledge of their business and what the photo showed I wrote three hundred words about their presence at the show, plus details of what they were demonstrating.

Not only did I resize the photo, but I also ran the photo through software to improve the clarity and contrast. I then logged into their website and created the news article, including uploading the photo and embedding in the article.

I linked the new article to their news page and then emailed my client the new website url to the article.

The Adobe PDF

It was a one page Adobe PDF and being sent the original MS Word version would of been easier to use. I didn’t want to bother my client so I simply recreated the document. I used the cms (content management system) their website uses to recreate the document in html. Including making sure the specific colours the had used for the headings were exactly the same (I used software to tell me the html colour codes). The document also included tables, which were no problem to reproduce.

This time I linked the new page to their support section as that is what the document covered. Again I emailed the new website url to my client.


My client had sent me the files the afternoon before, the next morning I had completed the work and emailed over the details. The news article was SEO friendly (including metadata I filled in for the pages via their cms), so will not only help keep website visitors informed of their activity, but great for the search engines. Their website continues to grow and the client sent me an email thanking me for my work.

This example demonstrates just one way to work with a writer who has technical skills also. All it took was a short email and two file attachments from them to enable me to produce the content. It enables my client with minimal effort on their part to continue to grow their website and reap the related benefits.

If you need a writer who is flexible, communicative, has computer skills and quick to turnaround work, then please get in touch with me.