Writing each day

It’s Sunday afternoon and it is almost time for a spot of lunch, but I thought I would write a quick post here. I’m not just a writer for hire, but also enjoy writing and not just for money.

For instance earlier I wrote a draft book review that later I will finish editing. So even during my time off I’m still writing, I’m passionate about the written word. I devour books, I love to write myself and this passion flows into my paid work. I always give my assignments 100%, whatever the topic.

Take the book review I’ve been writing today. It caters to all, it doesn’t presume people understand the topics or terminology of the subject and it demonstrates what to expect from the book, without actually giving the juicy bits away. No point spoiling the fun for people, but it should help someone decide whether the book is for them.

The same applies to the majority of my work, I don’t presume people know the topics, I produce quality and depth whilst catering for a wide audience of readers.

So for instance when I produced the ebook on Bedbugs, I didn’t presume the reader actually knew what a Bedbug even looked like. Providing many layers of information to help people with different levels of knowledge to benefit.

Anyhow it is time for lunch and then perhaps a stroll. Then back to finish editing my book review.