Using common sense when writing

A major part of being a ‘copywriter / writer for hire‘ and creating high quality material is to use common sense when researching and writing. Making sure you don’t ask silly questions, but do ask questions when required.


I was asked to write about a new range of products. I asked if they were an affiliate, reseller or supplier of the new range. There is a difference and it will impact the relevance and objectives of the article.

I also make sure I communicate to my clients when I notice mistakes or think there is an issue they should be aware of.


I was asked to convert a Microsoft Word document into a web page and asked also to reformat the text. I noticed incorrect contact details in the document, modified and advised my client of the changes.

There are many more examples where I discuss updates with my clients and don’t purely act as writer. Mistakes on websites will impact their performance and objectives and I don’t just create content, I use common sense to create quality content.

Another situation is using common sense when writing blog posts. I am often asked to write 300, 400 or 1000 word posts. A lot of writers would try and fill the blog post to quickly reach the required target. I make sure I provide highly quality SEO friendly content throughout my work, no matter how many words I produce. No point creating a weak post quickly, doesn’t help anyone.

Only this morning a client said they only use me to write their content. I happened to know before Christmas they were using two writers. Using my common sense when working with my client has played a part in our continued relationship, coupled with high quality content, communication and producing work to required deadlines.

If you need a writer who will use their common sense when writing your content, please contact me.