UK Freelance Writer for Hire

Blimey the first blog post! I’ve been a freelance writer for hire for many years and it was about time I setup a website for my services. I hasten to add I will on occasion just blog about my current contracts, which should give you some insight into my writing world. Though if the work is confidential I will obviously not mention anything at all here!

I’m passionate about writing and enjoy the process. Often a cafetiere of coffee or perhaps a tea and biscuit accompanying me on my daily writing. I enjoy my work and when I need a short break I’m often to be found strolling along a beach or watching the sailing boats.

This week I recently finished an ebook for a client on Bed bugs! My client sent me the brief with twenty page titles and I quoted for three hundred words per page as it was an ebook. However I actually wrote over twenty pages and produced 7500 words, giving my client another 1500 words completely free. Often it is highly important you hit the exact word quota, but for the ebook there was the margin to provide extra for my client.

Once I’ve sent the finished work I’m always happy to make additional changes. It is important the client is happy with the work and the majority of the time this leads to additional work and client referrals. Though I must admit clients rarely ask for changes, which is due to my experience both in writing and the business world in general.

Anyhow time to finish my first blog post, but don’t worry another will be along in a few days I’m sure. If you require a writer for hire, then please get in contact to discuss.