Two writers for hire!

I’ve been having an extremely busy 2011, so I’m now working with another writer to share the workload! Rest assured the same quality is produced, but a writing team provides additional benefits to both the clients and to the writers.

The benefits to my clients:

  • Writing can now be produced when I’m on holiday.
  • Quicker to respond to sudden increases in writing assignments.

On small projects writing can be turned around often in a matter of days. For large assignments the time to complete has been seriously reduced.

A writing assignment such as an ebook is never shared between the writers, as that would impact the overall writing style produced.

Example of how we work: When one writer is busy with a large assignment, the other writer is working on the other client projects. This enables the clients to receive the same level of quality, including when spikes in demand occur.

Plus as usual all the writing is:

  • Search Engine Optimised.
  • ‘Scannable’ to enable readers to quickly read key points.
  • Links containing targeted keywords.

There are usually two links per article, one at the top and one at the bottom. The keywords used are either researched by us or we use keywords provided to us by clients.

This year the writing assignments have included:

  • Blog posts (emailed to the client or the client website updated by us).
  • Ebooks (writing only and then clients modify to their requirements).
  • Press Releases (produced in MS Word and emailed to the client).
  • Web pages (generally varies from one page to twenty pages per assignment).

I love seeing the work on the internet and how my clients use it. Often the work is passed onto translators to enable them to target overseas markets.

Our work doesn’t necessarily have to be for your website, but can be used elsewhere on the internet by you. The writing is often converted to video (not by us) for SEO purposes. We are often asked to write articles that are included in ‘link wheels’ or used for guest posts.

The topics are varied and so far this year we’ve covered artwork, domestic products, flowers, holiday homes, small businesses, technology and more.

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