Need a Professional Writing Service? Hire a Content Writer

Do you need written work completed for you website?

Not comfortable with your own writing?

Perhaps you need a blog updating weekly, or some of your own content redeveloped?

Whatever you need you should look into hiring a content writer.

It may seem simple enough to write web copy, but you have to remember that this information is critical to the success of your site. Copy writing and sales writing is an art, and you should think carefully about hiring a copy writer when you have sections of text to complete on your webpage. If you are keen to learn more about writing online, subscribe to our RSS feed and email mailing list to receive notifications whenever we have a new blog post.

A professional writer can help you in several ways. Sales copy needs to contain certain information in order to deliver the right message about your product and it needs to be written in a certain way so that the customer will want to purchase. A web copy writer can help you achieve this, and will also include keywords and phrases in the text to improve your website or blogs search engine visibility, by using a technique known as search engine optimisation (SEO).

At Hire a Writer we want to take the frustration out of web copy for you. Hire one of our team members to write a SEO optimised blog post for your site once a week and see the increase in web traffic for yourself. There are many things we can help you with.

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