Losing Website Traffic

Today I’m writing about losing website traffic and provide some related tips for improving visitor numbers.

Does this blog post belong on the Hire a Writer website? Definitely, as a writer can play an important role in achieving good website traffic.



I’m actually preparing a fantastic in-depth case study on this topic, but until it’s ready I thought a quick blog post on the topic would be a good filler in the meantime!

Sometimes a person has tried their best to use good practices, often trying to employee the right people to help. For some people, search engine ranking and trying to improve site traffic is akin to voodoo! Whilst others put off the work for a ‘rainy day’, but never actually get around to doing it. Some even hope that paying for a service based upon low pricing for quick results, is sufficient.


Did you forget to cover the basics?

I’ve seen people start to play the blame game, which could be a disastrous beginning to what already could be a bumpy road ahead. Often a reduction in visitor numbers is just down to little or no work taking place, wrong actions and / or a disjointed plan lacking focus. It might be that the basics where not being carried out, rather than being the victim to a worthy competitor.


Did you become complacent?

You might have been fortunate, obtaining a decent dollop of traffic in a smaller market, but perhaps times have changed. Some large predators might now be hunting the same turf, in addition to a larger group of competitors chasing the same visitors.


Is your site and SEO outdated?

That rocking website and SEO plan from five years ago that had the traffic flocking to your site, is likely no match for vibrant modern sites adhering to recent good practices, coupled with investment and a strategy with a view to increasing traffic not just in the short-term, but also in the long-term.


It’s not rocket science!

The quality of links, rocking a great responsive theme, branding, social and of course great copywriting amongst many other factors all play an important role. Focusing on just one area, even if it is the writing, is an unwise strategy!


So how can a writer help?

Hiring an experienced SEO writer can help you strengthen your on-site content, but writers can also play a vital role off-site. Obviously content shouldn’t just be about the ‘keywords’ and ‘call to actions’, but also be readable, engaging, strengthen and work with a brand, products and services.

A good online writer needs to understand their writing in relation to search engine optimisation, otherwise it falls short of what others are doing today. Just because someone is a good writer, doesn’t mean they are a good SEO writer.

As a website administrator or owner, you need to understand writing, whilst the content is important, it is just one aspect of maintaining and improving website ranking.


Simple basic actions to take today:

  • Make sure you have a website backup before you proceed with any work.
  • Check to see if you have a road map that consists of sound SEO practices, which is actually being adhered to and implemented.
  • Use services such as Google’s Webmaster Tools to help you identify issues that need fixing.
  • Re-evaluate your strategy, including having frank, but friendly discussions with anyone you work with.

Obviously once you’ve covered the above, there is a lot of additional actions to take, but you need to make sure all work starts with a review, rather than a knee jerk reaction that could prove disastrous.

In the meantime, if you need a good SEO writer, you know who to contact!