I’m Passionate About Freelance Writing!

I’m an international copywriter based in the UK, part of the Hire a Writer team with clients in Europe and elsewhere in the world. My work has appeared online and in print. You could of read a magazine article and not realised I was the ghost writer. You might of booked a holiday online after reading my copy. Perhaps I wrote the instruction manual which you followed when installing software. Diversity and experience has kept the work flowing my way for years.

The other day whilst my hair was being tamed by a hairdresser, we discussed copywriting. The hairdresser was giggling (probably not a good idea for a hairdresser), whilst I divulged I had written numerous articles on ladies shoes from the perspective of a female. She snorted when I exclaimed that should the topic arise in conversation, I now can go toe to toe in a discussion.

I explained that I always immerse myself in a topic and do my homework.

Often torturing those around me for information over breakfast, during lunch or when bumping into them on the street. I seek views from those of different ages and gender. I soak up knowledge and for a time, I am writing as if my client’s product, service is mine.

I find it hard to switch off from my work! I’m always seeking to learn, and I’m always studying and playing with words, as a child often finds different ways to play with a toy.

Sometimes I will visit popular sites and read poor grammar, badly formed paragraphs and find myself left hanging with no forwarding website link, having to resort to digging around a site myself or using a search engine to seek further information.

I question the SEO strategy and think of the missed opportunities!

I often feel magazines articles leave a stone unturned, train tickets need some oomph and wonder why my mortgage statements are so boring! They’ve got my attention and probably would love more referrals and money, so why are they not making the effort whilst they have my attention?

The best piece of copy I recently read was for a steak sauce in America, and I’m a vegetarian living in the UK. The copy was so good, different and well presented, that I want to try this sauce on my veggie burgers in the UK. I had no need for this American steak sauce, but the writing had created a desire to purchase.

That copy had created overseas demand in another market.

When I’m asked to ghost write a magazine article on a complex topic, and via a mixture of conversation, research and experience, I always come up with the goods. I love a challenge, with most of my bread and butter work is about experience, which is definitely what a good writer requires.

I visited the website of a competitor the other day. Not out of fear, but a curiosity to see what they were offering. I’ll be honest all their copy looked ‘dull’ and ‘safe’. There was no fun, no sentences that gave me pause and definitely nothing enticing. Testimonials were splattered Jackson Pollock style across the page. Alas I’m rarely shocked by the output of fellow writers.

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