How to Write and Submit a Guest Post

Many people submit guest posts to blogs, but often are rejected for a range of reasons. This blog post provides useful tips for hopefully improving you chances of having a guest post accepted.


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Also if you are looking for guest post opportunities here are two:


Tip 1 – Read the guidelines.

Many people think just because they submit a guest post, it will be gratefully received. However this isn’t always the case and any provided guidelines should be read, plus if you have any questions you should send an email. Sticking to the guidelines will increase your chances of your guest post being accepted.


Tip 2 – Good communication.

Never pester a blog staff member with pointless questions. If you are unsure whether they will be interested in a guest post on a specific subject then ask. However if you send emails just asking if someone would be interested in a guest post from you, but not listing what you wish to write about, you are wasting their time.

Your chances of getting a blog staff member to agree to a guest post without reading a post first are slim to none. Even if your guest post is rejected, you can ask if any edits would enable for the guest post to be reconsidered, else there are plenty of places you can submit an article if rejected.

At all stages of communication remember to be polite, including using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.


Tip 3 – Make life easy for the blog staff.

If the blog lists what formats they will accept guest posts in, consider which one is easiest for the staff. So for instance if they list HTML, MS Word or plain text, changes are they prefer HTML as it is a simple case of copy and paste, then with minimal editing if any.


Tip 4 – Images and links.

Blog staff prefer as few links as possible. First they often don’t want people to click on links leaving their website, unless it is in their interest, so try and avoid providing reference links. Secondly it weakens their internal SEO linking.

If you do submit images along with a guest post make sure the license of the image allows this. Never presume someone would be happy with their images being used, even if you are promoting them. Always include license details or if you made a screenshot yourself, mention the fact. Also make sure the image is already edited and ‘web friendly’.


Tip 5 – Follow-up after a successful submission.

Consider helping promote the guest post once it is live on the blog. This will help promote your post, plus hopefully build a good relationship with the blog staff. Consider mentioning the post on social networks such as delicious, digg, facebook, stumbleupon and twitter.

Also follow-up after your guest post has been accepted, say thank you and if you have helped get the word out, tell them.



Guest posting is a great way to build links and awareness. Hopefully these tips will help you with your guest post submissions.


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