Hire a Writer Update – September 2012

Wow it has been a year since the last hire a writer blog post! We are being kept busy by our clients, who appreciate our loyalty and hard work for an affordable price. Though when you work for awesome clients, it is more like being part of their team! I’m very grateful for such a great collection of customers.

So what have we been up to?

Well firstly as we are writers, we have been focused on producing high quality content. Secondly as most of our work is published on the internet these days, it is important to cater to SEO and website objectives, and not just sales, support pages etc.

Our clients know that weak content slapped onto websites, present a weak marketing strategy. Whereas high quality content can serve multiple purposes. No keyword stuffing from us! No blog posts or pages less that 350 words! Instead we produce high quality researched content, properly formatted and often published directly by us onto their websites. We do cater to SEO, but go far beyond search engine optimisation.

The future of ‘Hire a Writer’?

Well frankly we don’t need to punt for work. We are very happy with our clients and vice versa. If you want to send us a message, asking to be notified when we have a free slot, then please don’t hesitate. Then if we have time available for a new client, we will send you a message to discuss your requirements.

So any tips for those looking to hire a writer?

Firstly you pay for what you get. Our fees are below most of our UK competitors, but not stupidly low. We are British writers, but our prices are competitive on the international level, and ‘English’ being our native language obviously makes a huge difference.

So when looking for a writer, you need to find a balance. You don’t just want someone who can produce a well written page, but someone who is willing to research, go the extra distance and write content that meets multiple objectives. i.e. sales, SEO, newsletter sign-up etc.

Let’s give you an example.

Say you what to hire a writer for a website. You need someone who is willing to find out who your competitors are, and to research their strategy. You need someone who knows how to target short-term search engine placements, as well as looking towards the future and taking on bigger competitors.

Not forgetting to write content, that once a visitor lands on that very page, doesn’t have them bouncing away within seconds, but reading and more importantly increasing the chances of them acting on your objectives.

Basically you need someone who can use their own common-sense, and work on their own initiative, as well as to deadlines. Scary how many writers can’t do all or part of the above, regardless of how low or high their fees.

See you soon!

I’m going to make sure there is a monthly blog post here, just to keep you all updated and to say hello. So please subscribe to the blog, but obviously don’t expect weekly blog posts.

I hope you all have a great month.