Hire a writer to rewrite your website pages

I often rewrite website pages for clients, often not because the content isn’t any good, but for a mixture of reasons:

  • Not enough words per page.
  • Not search engine optimised (SEO) to help attract search engine traffic.
  • Requires improvement to help generate more website visitor contact / action.
  • Pages are outdated and requires additions and alterations.

Often a client is moving an old static html website to a content management system (cms) such as WordPress or Joomla. They seek a copywriter / writer to help them refresh and improve the content for the new website.

Other times a website isn’t generating either enough website traffic or ‘conversions’ and a client requires assistance to improve the content.

I’m used to rewriting 150+ word pages and turning them into ‘search engine optimised’ three or four hundred word pages, properly formatted to highlight key selling points and encourage the user to click, contact, subscribe etc.

I have over seventeen years business writing experience and I’m not just a copywriter / writer but also I am highly technically skilled. I can reformat website images, update websites myself and fill in metadata. Else I send my work via email in plain text files, WordPress Format or Microsoft Word format.

I enjoy repeat work and recommendations, in part due to my high quality of writing, but also secondly my affordable pricing. No project is too small and I am always happy to provide advice or answer questions beforehand.

Please contact me today and tell me about your requirements.