Hire a Writer to Grow your Website

A friend of mine gave a talk about blogging recently to a crowd of novices. The talk was highly successful in all but one respect. He mentioned my writing service, but nobody in the crowd enquired further. When he mentioned this to me, I was far from surprised and in this post I will explain why.

Often novice website owners believe they can take on all tasks.

Often website projects start off at a good pace, but then the progress slows. Typically there is disappointment at initial results and the novices who probably were doing everything themselves, find their motivation rapidly disappearing.

This is where a writer can help you move forward.

Often people will research how to write for a website, but another natural progression is to research ‘hire a copywriter’. Whether you want a ghost writer or just someone to write your blog posts, a seasoned writer can make the difference.

A writer such as myself knows how to continuously produce the SEO focused content week in, week out. For many clients I log into their websites, post the content and do so until asked to stop. I have some projects that I’ve been working on for over a year.

Now some of my clients couple my writing output with automation. They use Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) for WordPress to automate internal links. Then they use services such as Twitterfeed to update twitter and other social networks.

Plus whenever they go to comment on another blog that uses ‘CommentLuv’, their latest blog post which I wrote is picked up and linked.

Natural growth and visitor traffic takes time.

Website results won’t happen overnight and it is important to put a long-term strategy in place. A writer such as myself or my colleague who will write weekly posts, update your website and send you weekly emails detailing our actions, will help you move forward.

Plus we are available via email, telephone and skype to discuss the articles. Want a specific topic covered? Often a client will send me a couple of sentences and we will then write four hundred words on the topic after researching the topic and keywords.

A good example.

One of my clients asked me to cover three topics twice weekly on their website. Each week I write posts that answer questions or address issues and produce high quality content. Each post is search engine optimised and the anchor links in the posts vary in related keywords, all researched via Google’s Keyword Tool.

I’ve been writing the posts for months and I’m always analysing their competitors and trying to improve the search engine rankings for specific keywords. Which means I’m not just a writer covering a topic, but also a marketing person passionate to drive the website forward.

Not surprising that the client hasn’t told me to stop writing. My colleague also produces similar high quality content for other clients.

Send us a message today to get the ball rolling.

Why not hire us to supercharge your website and produce your weekly content. Don’t fall into the trap that many novices do, instead utilise our experienced and professional UK based writing service.


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