Hire a copywriter / writer for your website blog posts and pages

My primary work is writing website blog posts and pages for businesses throughout the world. The topics are varied and the word count for a typical page is usually around 300 – 400 words. I enjoy being a writer for hire, aka a copywriter, but my skills go beyond writing as I will highlight on this page.

How I am given work:

  • A client asks me to write content based on a topic and also tells me their objectives.
  • A client sends me an email with a couple of sentences that I turn into a whole page.
  • A client emails me a photo and asks me to write a related page or blog post.
  • A client sends an email with an Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word or Open Office document they created to be converted and placed on their website.
  • A client emails me their latest sales literature to be used as reference when creating content.

How I present the finished work:

  • For many clients I update their website directly without additional costs.
  • Other clients I send documents based on their requirements: Plain text, WordPress formatted HTML, Microsoft Word and other formats.
  • I always attach the work within a zip file to avoid email attachment issues and my computer systems are fully updated with the latest Anti-Virus definitions.

My ability to create 300 – 400 word web pages from a sentence or two enables my clients to get on with their work, whilst growing their website presence. I always produce SEO friendly material and hyperlinks to relevant pages in the work I produce.

My business writing experience goes back over seventeen years, so I am a ‘seasoned’ writer and I know how to produce high quality content and can deal with complex topics.

The majority of my clients whilst wishing to have quality content produced, naturally wish to have a sales message even on pages such as support pages. I keep this in mind when writing and encourage prospects to make contact, plus highlight my client’s key selling points when producing content, unless it is inappropriate for that page, which is rare.

If I do have questions I quickly communicate with my client, but because I am experienced I rarely have questions and work well on my own initiative.

I always research the topics I write about and no project is too small. Recent topics I have written about covered: linux, insects, flooring, marketing, holiday homes.

Please contact me today to discuss your requirements and I quote on a per client basis. My pricing is affordable and realistic, plus I will respond quickly to you and please don’t hesitate to ask questions.