Helping clients with their urgent updates

We are all different and how I provide my writing services to my clients reflects this. For instance some clients pay on a per project / update basis and this meets their requirements.

What this blog post covers is the yearly fee some clients pay for me to manage all their website content. By agreeing a yearly fee it enables them to work with me on both large and small updates without additional costs as per the agreed terms.

A typically scenario is an urgent update. A client phoned me yesterday and said their phone system is playing up and can I change the phone number on their website to a temporary number. So I logged into their website cms, updated the sales pages, the contact page and even edited the website template that includes the number. It took me ten minutes and I did the task within thirty minutes of their call.

Imagine if I was not working with the client. In this instance I know the client is not familiar with the content management system that powers their website, so they would of required help. Perhaps going as far as needing to hire a freelancer.

The end result could of been hiring someone they don’t know, then having to trust them to make ten minutes of changes to their website. I hate to think what the costs would of been! Plus how long would they had to wait for the updates?

Whereas building a relationship with me and paying me a yearly fee, gave them the opportunity to pick up a phone and ask me to help them. No additional costs, job completed within thirty minutes and by someone they know.

Outsourcing your copywriting can be a great idea, outsourcing to someone who has seventeen years writing experience and a technical background? I will leave you to decide, but I know what my customer who required the urgent update would say.

Contact me today to discuss your requirements and how we can work together to provide you with the service you require.