Freelance Copywriter for your Articles

Friday afternoon a client asked me if I wanted a challenge. They asked if I would write a thousand word article on a topic ready for Monday morning. I enjoy a good working relationship with the client and even though I had plans for the weekend, I also accepted the work.

Providing flexibility when possible is a good way to provide added value when working with clients. I just adapted my time to accommodate the work.

Whatever the project and allotted time, I produce high quality writing.

I didn’t rush the process and broke the writing up into manageable chunks. Giving myself plenty of time to review and edit the final article. Sunday evening I emailed my client a plain text version of the article as requested.

I’m happy to supply work in plain text, HTML, MS Word, PDF and other formats.

If I had not been able to accommodate the freelance copywriter assignment I would of told my client. Instead I enjoyed my weekend, plus gave the writing assignment the time required. It wasn’t rushed and was a high quality piece on the topic my client asked for.

I am a hassle free honest freelancer who likes to help my clients.

I didn’t ask my client questions to why they needed the work urgently. I’m sure they had their reasons, perhaps a tight deadline. So whatever the reason for the weekend assignment, they have the work ready and waiting for them today. Hopefully helping reduce their pressures and contributing to their business.

If you need to hire a writer, then why not contact me to discuss your requirements?