Free PLR Articles (Private Label Rights)

In October we shall be giving away free PLR articles! So why are we giving away private label rights articles? Simple really, it is great promotion.

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So what is the catch?

Well it will be one PLR pack with limited downloads. First come first serve, then when the downloads go over a certain figure, we will pull the download.

Want the free articles?

The best way to give yourself a chance of getting out limited PLR articles is by subscribing to the blog either via the RSS feed or email. Then when we give the PLR pack away, we will write a blog post. Simple really, subscribe to be in with a chance of seeing the blog post quickly.

So what will the PLR pack contain?

There will be a mixture of articles primarily for those who sell products and services. Sorry no more details for now, but why not subscribe to see if the free PLR pack is right for you?

Why are we limiting the download?

Okay first of all it is a great way to get subscribers. However also it means the internet won’t be flooded with these articles. Only a lucky group will be able to utilise the free articles.

So what can you do with the articles?

Well private label articles though not as great since the Google Panda update, still hold value. Use them away from your main site as part of link-wheels, article directory submissions, conversion to video and more.

Will we give away more PLR packs in the future?

The honest answer is we don’t know. Let’s see how much interest we receive for our free article PLR pack first.

So who exactly are we?

Well if the name didn’t give it away, we are writers for hire! We have an established customer base who hire us to produce their web copy and to cover their other writing needs.

Any extra benefits to subscribing to the blog?

Well it is rumoured that there will be some great blog posts leading up to the free PLR pack giveaway in October, including advice and ‘how to’ guides. Writing is our passion, we are happy to share with you how writing can be used to promote websites.

So why not subscribe right this moment? Give yourself a chance of downloading the limited free PLR articles pack.