Copywriting and why you should hire a content writer

What is copywriting? This is a common question. In a nutshell, copywriting is any writing tailored for sales and promotion. SEO copywriting is similar, but here the writer will pick specific keywords and common phrases which a search engine would use to locate online information. A website copywriter can help you to make your website or blog visible to Google and other search engines by making your website text properly search engine optimised.

There are many reasons why you should seek professional copywriting services. You could create a small blog section for you site, which a copywriter could update periodically, giving your website a fresh weekly presence, while also helping its SEO profile, and giving your readers information about your site and its contents.

Many people will often fill in the content of their web pages themselves, often without thought to their Google ranking, or to the impact of the text itself. If you are selling products then the text needs to be short, easy to scan, memorable and persuasive. A website copywriter can help you achieve this effectively, and often for a small fee. For more information on copywriting services subscribe to our email alerts and RSS feed.

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