Content is king!

I thought I would stop by to share my views on the recent Google search engine algorithm changes.

Google makes numerous tweaks to their search engine algorithm each year, but recently a few tweaks have left some startled, upset and depressed. Well not me! I’ve seen the ripples of these changes, and I am quite pleased.

Most people who look for quick results are going to be left disappointed. Great websites have ‘always’ taken time and effort to build, maintain and grow. When people try and ‘game’ the system, they should expect to take the punishment.

Not everyone who ‘gamed’ the system is feeling the pain though. Especially those with non-virtual businesses, with established social network communities, email lists and word of mouth, both online and offline.

It is also not surprising that the ‘Hire a Writer’ team, have seen an increase in requests for quotes. With these recent changes, it should be seen as either an opportunity to gain position, else to change direction and deploy a sensible strategy. A good copywriter can play a huge role in your strategy.

It isn’t rocket science! Deploy a safe and consistent ‘balanced’ strategy. Don’t look to writers to take sole responsibility for visitor traffic, but to be part of your overall strategy. For example, why do book authors, have publication and marketing teams? Because writing the book, does not translate into sales! The same can be applied to the website copy world.

My advice with regard to the recent changes are:

  • Consistently grow your website, using content that adds value.
  • Develop strong relationships with other websites.
  • Have a balanced and consistent social network campaign.
  • Develop non-search engine traffic sources.

High quality content can be used in all the above, but it is important that you don’t just rely on the writer. Also it should be noted, there is a vast difference between website writing and other types of writing.

Content is king! Just be mindful of how you use it.