Hire a Writer from the UK

The hire a writer team are UK copywriters with years of writing experience, able to produce high quality professional written content for your projects. We often produce SEO content with little information provided by our clients. Our years of experience enable us to produce highly quality content quickly.

The ‘Hire a Writer’ team consists of two writers with years of experience. This means we can quickly respond to short deadlines for new projects as well as cope with our regular client work.

If you need to hire a writer, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our pricing is extremely competitive, representing great value for money. This is why we are often used for repeat writing assignments, and many of our clients we have known for years. We hope you also wish to hire us for a writing project.


We have clients around the world who hire us for:

  • Blog post writing
  • Ebook creation
  • Guest post writing
  • Website SEO
  • and other writing assignments.


Blog Post Writing

Each week we produce blog posts for clients usually between 400 – 500 words per post. Some clients provide us with SEO keywords, others ask us to perform the research on their behalf, which we then use to produce posts based on their products or services. Often we are asked to write a couple of posts each week for a client’s blog, which as you probably know is a great way to grow a website.


Ebook Creation

Sometimes a client will ask us to create an ebook jam packed full of useful advice and information on a topic. Then they can either choose to resell the ebook, else use the ebook as a reward for people signing up for newsletters.


Guest Post Writing

We are happy to act as ghostwriters for our clients and produce guest posts on their behalf. Then our clients submit them to sites with synergy to their own, as part of their link building campaigns.


Website SEO

Often asked to review old websites and update the content. The objectives often being to increase words per page, but also to improve formatting and to use keywords we have researched. We also work with a number of website design firms to produce the content for their new client websites. We always treat this work as confidential and enjoy contributing to a brand new website.


Whatever your writing assignment, please get in touch with ‘hire a writer‘.